lascivious centaur NSFW

There is a NSFW illustration behind this cut. I am hoping someone will know who drew it. If you’re wondering if it’s something you want to see, I will say that it involves an erect centaur and cunnilingus, and it is beautifully drawn.

The Mr. found this on tumblr and was correct in thinking it was in line with my interests. I would love to know who drew it, so I can look at more things this person has drawn,  but in time-honored tumblr tradition, it was offered up without attribution or any hint of where it might have come from. lascivious centaurSearches for “centaur porn” and related subjects returned some of the most excruciating art imaginable. I am pretty sure now, though, that I am not interested in centaur erotica except for this one picture.

Awhile back I read some centaur porn (sort of half interested/half someone dared me) that was disappointing in every way and definitely did not include an oral sex tree, which is obviously necessary for satisfactory human-centaur relations.

Anyway, if anyone knows who this illustrator is, I’d be very happy to know the name.

ETA: Google image search results all lead back to the same dead tumblr. Which probably did not have attribution anyway. Bing is useless! If there is another image search tool, please do let me know!