PSA – I may have said this before!

As there has been the tiniest yet still significant uptick in sales very recently, perhaps it is time to encourage new readers to PLEASE READ THE MARTIN NOVELLAS. You don’t have to buy them if you don’t want–they’re all available for free on AO3–but you should read them! The most satisfying end to the series, IMO, is in A Free Choice (GQ 4.5).

I say this because people don’t usually buy the Martin stories, and I can’t be sure if it’s because they know they can read them for free online, or because they don’t think Martin’s POV adds anything. In the past, I have run across multiple conversations where people don’t think Martin can possibly add to the story for some reason, but I respectfully say they are wrong.

Martin is half the story!

I’m very aware that more or less accidentally making an 8-part quartet was a glaring, ridiculous mistake, but I swear the series is better if you read all 8 books.

P.S. I am not dead!

an update and a request

Hello, lovely people.

Cat and I, Wanda Wulz, 1932
Cat and I, Wanda Wulz, 1932

I had hoped to give you a Ganymede Christmas present, and the story is indeed done, but I simply gave up on trying to figure out how to comply with the GDPR rules. I have a thing, a story. I want to give it to people. I need their email addresses to do that. And because of that, I need to make guarantees to the gods that I will not abuse people’s trust. Which I would not, but I still have to meet the same standards as someone who most probably would.

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options for putting out more GQ stories + POLL

So, last August I said I couldn’t put out any Jesse stories (or any other GQ books) because the book wouldn’t pay for itself. And that is definitely still true. But frankly nothing I do is likely to pay for itself. I just don’t manage to write mainstream stories, even when that’s exactly what I set out to do.

But I’ve recently been working on Jesse anyway, and I want to eventually tell all of Henry & Martin’s life together. At this point it’s very unlikely that there will suddenly be a huge swell of new readers/fans of the series putting money into my coffers. It’s a niche series for a select few :D  So how do I put the books out for those few?

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Dirty Fairies

This is also me.

It is quite different from the GQ stories, so I thought I should use a different name, but now I’m thinking it wasn’t necessary.

This was a little idea I had that was just supposed to be smut. I wrote it in about two days, spent way more time than that looking for the right buff torso photo, and immediately wrote 2/3 of a sequel, should there ever be a need for such a thing.

It’s about a full-size human man who finds an injured doll-size fairy. Eventually, there are M/M/F fairies and of course a human M and they all mix it up in various ways. It’s kinky, but it sort of has to be with little bitty fairies involved.

It was just supposed to be kinky smut, like I said, but I ended up caring for all the characters too much to leave it at that, so it’s more of a real story than I had originally planned.

It’s on KU, or you can buy it for $2.99.

Dirty Fairies @ Amazon

checking in

Last time I posted here, I suggested that I might publish Jesse stories in the spring, and obviously that did not happen and it probably won’t happen this year at all.

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I’ve been busy

Since it’s been months since I’ve posted anything, I just wanted to resurface to verify that I am not dead, not at all.

I’m working on the Jesse stories, and I did think I’d have them done months ago, but I’ve been prioritizing a lot of other projects instead. See, I had this idea I’d write something a bit more commercially viable than the GQ books, but I’m beginning to think that’s just not something I can do. Everything I touch turns to weird.

I’ve written at least 500K of various projects since putting out ACAT/AFC, so I’ve kept busy. Whether it’ll amount to anything is unclear, but at least I’m working.

Anyway, if you’ve been waiting for Jesse stories, I won’t promise anything, but springtime doesn’t seem like an unreasonable goal.

Pricing for AMF, AVC, AFC (Martin stories)

A Master’s Fidelity (GQ 2.5), A Vital Chemistry (GQ 3.5), and A Free Choice (GQ 4.5) are now $0.99 from ebook retailers. A Superior Slave (GQ 0.5) is still free from those same retailers. All four stories are still available to read/download for free on AO3.

What that $0.99 buys a reader is a pretty cover, pretty chapter headings, and everything formatted the way I want it to look.

Happy New Year :)


I used these same fireworks in a post last year about NYE in 1900, and I’m using them again because they’re pretty :)

Have a safe and wonderful New Year. I hope those of you who opted in on the Charles/Simon story enjoyed it, and I look forward to offering you more of Henry, Martin and their friends in coming years. I have a lot of new characters in new universes coming, as well, and I sincerely hope you’ll give them a chance too.



names in the GQ universe

I call everyone Darling because I can't remember their names - Zsa Zsa Gabor
(this is not why Reggie calls people darling!)

I had a very pleasant exchange with a reader awhile back about whether the characters’ names had any particular meaning for me, and I thought other readers might be interested in knowing this too. If you’re not into vague authorial introspection, you can skip this post :D

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