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Dirty Fairies

This is also me.

It is quite different from the GQ stories, so I thought I should use a different name, but now I’m thinking it wasn’t necessary.

This was a little idea I had that was just supposed to be smut. I wrote it in about two days, spent way more time than that looking for the right buff torso photo, and immediately wrote 2/3 of a sequel, should there ever be a need for such a thing.

It’s about a full-size human man who finds an injured doll-size fairy. Eventually, there are M/M/F fairies and of course a human M and they all mix it up in various ways. It’s kinky, but it sort of has to be with little bitty fairies involved.

It was just supposed to be kinky smut, like I said, but I ended up caring for all the characters too much to leave it at that, so it’s more of a real story than I had originally planned.

It’s on KU, or you can buy it for $2.99.

Dirty Fairies @ Amazon