where’s the Martin story?

Because the Martin story, A Master’s Fidelity (GQ Book 2.5) takes place concurrent with the very end scenes of A Proper Lover (GQ Book 2), I had originally planned to release the books a week apart, giving people a chance to read APL first if that was something they were going to do. Unlike the first Martin story, A Superior Slave (GQ Book 0.5), which stood on its own fairly well, making its own context, I really feel like AMF should be read after APL. I’m going to be offering AMF for free, and I know that huge numbers of people will download it simply because it’s free, but it’s really intended for readers of the series, as a bonus that hopefully enriches the experience of reading the main books. I don’t know what someone who hasn’t read APL would make of it, frankly :D

Anyway, I released APL on the 17th, and if I stuck to my original plan, that would mean releasing AMF on Christmas Eve, and that just seems like a terrible idea. So, I finished my uploads tonight, and hopefully it will be available everywhere within the next 12 hours or so.  I will be making a post with links when they go live.


A Proper Lover (GQ Book 2) released!

Henry and Martin are back in A Proper Lover (Ganymede Quartet Book 2):


What does it mean to belong to someone?

Henry Blackwell is the happiest he’s ever been, and it’s all because of his companion slave Martin. Every experience, whether it be mundane or spectacular, is improved by having Martin at his side. The better Henry gets to know his slave, the deeper his feelings grow. Though the physical attraction between them is undeniable, Henry’s sure there’s more to their relationship than just sex. He can’t be certain, as it’s never happened before, but he believes he might be falling in love.

Henry’s friends are ready and willing to put their own slaves aside in favor of female companionship, and they’re beginning to wonder why Henry isn’t interested in girls. Henry only wants to be with Martin and doesn’t know how much longer he can use “late bloomer” as an excuse. The holiday season approaches, along with the promise of parties with friends and family. Henry doesn’t want to share Martin with his friends, but he doesn’t like being left out. Will he stand up for himself—and Martin—when it counts?

This is the second of four installments in the Ganymede Quartet, continuing Henry & Martin’s story from A Most Personal Property (Ganymede Quartet Book 1).


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Nashville history

Glen Leven
Glen Leven, Nashville, TN

The sesquicentennial–150th anniversary–of the Battle of Nashville (Dec 15-16, 1864) is/was yesterday and today. In case you’re not a Civil War scholar (I’m not), the Battle of Nashville was the last big “western” battle in the Civil War, and it was won decisively by the Union Army.

I found out about the battle anniversary and the commemorative events entirely by chance. We had no other firm plans for the weekend, so I suggested to the Mr. that we might get some history, and he was amenable.

Our interest in the Civil War is of fairly recent vintage. When we moved to the South, neither the Mr. nor I knew much of substance about the war. Literally all I learned in school in Washington state was that the South was committed to slavery and lost the war because their cause was wrong. Or, in other words, the North was morally and otherwise superior to the South, which might be true in this instance, but also seems a simplistic reduction of the issues and certainly never made it seem very interesting.

(Please note: This is seriously a very long post about local Civil War stuff, not books or writing, or even AU slavery history in Ganymede Quartet! It’s about real history! And how I find it interesting!)

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holiday stories & upcoming releases

(image from themarysue.com)
(image found at themarysue.com)

They’re not a holiday books, per se, but the second Ganymede Quartet book, A Proper Lover (GQ Book 2), and the accompanying Martin POV short story, A Master’s Fidelity (GQ Book 2.5), do cover the fall and winter holidays quite thoroughly.

A Proper Lover begins just before a Halloween party at Henry’s friend Louis Briggs’ house. Following that, Henry and Martin share a special Thanksgiving, and then there’s a Wilton family Christmas that introduces two of my favorite side characters. This second installment in Henry and Martin’s story closes on New Year’s Eve. The accompanying short story, A Master’s Fidelity, also takes place on New Year’s Eve and runs parallel to the events of APL. For that reason, it’s recommended that you read APL first, though of course you can do whatever you want :P

I still don’t have firm release dates for either book. However, when they do go on sale, A Proper Lover will list for $4.99 and A Master’s Fidelity will be be FREE at all the retailers who allow it and $0.99 elsewhere. As before, I’m going to be asking for help reporting lower competitor’s prices in order to get Amazon to offer AMF for free.

I’ll be posting covers and blurbs shortly :)