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whatnextI am going to take a break from the Ganymede Quartet universe until probably early 2016, but I have a lot more stories I’d like to tell about the GQ characters. There are some stories I am going to insist on telling whether anyone says they’re interested or not, but I am curious which stories readers might think they want.

I’m going to do a trio of stories as a novella, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere. This will be a story about Charles Ross/Simon, then a story about Gordon Lovejoy/Julian, and finally a story about Louis Briggs/Peter and Louis’ dastardly brother James.  One is written, another half-written, the third extensively outlined. So you’re likely getting that whether you want it or not :D

I want to write a lot about Tom, possibly a novella/book of his own, but if that’s the case, it’s dependent on some other stories being released first.

There will be at least three stories about Jesse (including the voyeur game with Henry and Martin) that I might also do as a novella.

I also have ideas about more of Henry’s family, including his Uncle Reggie’s return to New York and Louisa’s busy matchmaking. I’d like to talk about Hiram’s past, as well as his relationship with Phoebe Murdock and Henry’s half-brother Calvin. I would like to eventually tell Cora’s story, how she grows up.

I also have extensive notes for stories about some fairly minor characters, whose names you may or may not recognize. Noah, Martin’s nemesis at Ganymede, and his master Andrew Darling. Leo and Sandy, Martin’s lovey-dovey roommates at Ganymede. Frankie, Martin’s “little brother.”

And of course, I have a lot more to say about both Henry and Martin. A LOT.

I’d love it if you’d click on an answer or two in the poll or, even better, leave a comment letting me know what you’re interested in.

Which character(s) are you interested in reading more about?

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18 thoughts on “what next? the future of GQ + a poll”

  1. I’d love to see more of the boys, free and slaves, especially Tom. He needs someone maybe a bit like Henry. Just a tad more desicive. I could do with a bit more background of the parents and maybe Cora as a teen or adult, I don’t think I’d like a whole story about them, though.

    1. Well, Tom’s story seems to be the universal favorite! However, for logistical reasons, he can’t be first ;) But I’m very happy people want to know more about him.

  2. Oh God! can we please just have it all!! :D But i am extra extra happy about seeing Henry and Martin’s Vouyer game with Jesse, YAY!!!

    1. No guarantees, but it makes sense (at this point) to do the Jesse novella first, so of course that includes the voyeuristic game ;) However, I’ve promised myself I’ll finish this new (non GQ) book first. So…next year. I’m glad you’ll want to read it!

  3. I am so unhelpful…I voted for all of them. I am honestly so NOT ready to be done with this universe.

    I had to actually set this last one down and take a day long break at one part (don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, so I’ll just say the beginning of the downtown section) because I was SO emotionally invested and so fraught with worry about how it would all turn out. This is definitely a series where it’s hard to come back to the real world afterwards, so I will eagerly and joyfully read anything else you write there.

    1. Well, it does make me happy to know you were invested, but I hope it wasn’t too stressful! And yay for voting for all of them! I do want to write/finish them all, so I’m pleased there are people who are interested in reading all of it.

      I’m very glad you enjoyed the series <3

    2. I had the very same reaction. When I came back to it I finished reading the whole thing in one sitting. Couldn’t put it down. So sad when I finished it.

  4. Darrah you are my new favorite author. I must say i have never been so captivated with a series. I guess it is because of the well thought out characters in a unique time and situation. Henry and Martin have stolen my heart. You are a gifted writer with the ability to paint a beautiful picture. Just a suggestion for future writings, i would love to see how Martin helps mold Henry into a man that learns to understand his father better and gain confidence in himself. I am so excited to read of their new adventures. I would love to see how his friendships grow with Jesse and Jesse ‘ s school friends. It seems Henry can be more himself with these new boys. And of course would love to read more about the other boys relationships with their slaves and swapping. Thank you for the many hours of pleasurable reading. Looking forward to many more.

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed the series! I loved writing it, and I suspect I will never really be done with these characters and this universe. I don’t think it’s saying too much to say that your ideas and predictions hew quite closely to what I see for them. Henry has learned so much, but he has so much further to go (and he is not entirely cured of foolishness!), and I am looking forward to telling more of his story with Martin.

      I’m so happy you liked the books so well! <3

  5. I guess I’m a little out of sync with the other readers because my interest is in Phoebe Murdock and Calvin, Henry’s half brother. The tension between appearance and reality is one of the great themes of the stories; this is an area where there is so much potential to explore this theme. I’d really like to hear how Timothy manages this side of Hiram’s life – actually, anything more on Timothy would be good too. If Henry were able to accept his father’s relationship with Phoebe it might be a real point of maturity for him. Yes, Tom would be an interesting feature too – and so would the fate of Louis and James. I still hope to hear more about Adam too; he got out of driving Sam to an early death much too lightly! Whatever you do is good, Darrah. Thank you for asking for some feedback on the direction of our writing.

    1. Agreed…I would definitely like to hear more about Timothy! (Honestly, the only things higher in my wish list are Jesse and Charles/Simon.) And as you said, with Henry’s perceptions of things often being skewed from the truth, I do want to know more about the Murdocks and the reality of that situation.

      1. I’m looking forward to telling Hiram’s story at some point, which I think incorporates Hiram’s past, his relationship with Timothy, his second family with Phoebe and Calvin, as well as his feelings about Henry. But I’ve also considered a story from Timothy’s point of view that might cover helping arrange both the marriage to Louisa and, when that proved unsatisfactory, the affair with Phoebe–because I’m convinced that Timothy picked both women out for Hiram. One for social requirements, one for requirements of the heart. I think Timothy wpuld have excellent instincts in choosing wives and mistresses, and he’d pass on what he knew to Martin for Henry’s benefit, whether it was needed or not :D

    2. Well, I’m delighted to know you’d want to hear more about Phoebe and Calvin! I have a bunch of story written about Hiram in regard to his own stark history and his feelings about Henry, and I’d like to do something that incorporates all of it at some point. I love the relationship between Hiram and Timothy–Hiram’s closest and most trusted friends are his slave and his mistress.

      I do have notes about Adam, perhaps a short story’s worth. I agree his punishment was not nearly fitting, and I do think he gets some measure of payback eventually, but really nothing could be enough. He’s horrible. Sam was sweet and obedient and Adam just abused him out of pure sadistic perversity. Other than Sam rising from the dead and smiting him, I don’t know that I’ll ever feel he’s punished enough. But I’m not going to write a zombie retribution slave story!

  6. oh, I am so glad, reading the comments, that I am not the only one obsessed with this series! I thought I was losing my mind when I caught myself thinking of the many characters during the course of my work :)! As to the stories, more of the boys and the slaves, obviously, and of the evolution/coming of age of Henry and Martin. I can imagine them becoming reformers/battling the dragons of prejudice when they grow up. And I want Henry to meet Calvin…Henry, Martin, Cora, Calvin…and the meeting of two very similar/different personalities as Henry and his father over this. And I want Tim. And Sandy/Leo…And Charlie and Georgie. But I also want to know more of Julian and Alex.

    1. I am thrilled to know my characters are compelling enough to distract you! Besides Henry and Martin (especially Henry!) maturing, there are going to be some significant changes in their society at large as they get older, and I hope that will be interesting for readers, as well. I feel a little bit like I don’t know how to be a writer correctly because I am NOT DONE with these characters, not to mention the new characters they meet as they grow older, and I just keep spinning out stories and outlines…it is maybe a little crazy. I’m glad to know you’d be interested in what happens to Alex, because of course I want to share that, but he’s someone I couldn’t be sure readers would care about. But now I know at least one does!

      I’m working on a new, non-GQ book at the moment, but I am considering different ways of putting out the GQ stories so that I can release everything I want to write in this universe. If I settle on any solutions, I’ll be posting about them here on my site in the coming weeks.

  7. I voted for all love to hear more about them all. I like the way you put so much onto the way each feel.

    1. Yay for wanting to hear more about everyone! I love these characters and am looking forward to telling more of their stories in the coming year :)

  8. I adored all the stories. Martin’s POV was important. I can’t imagine not caring about his perspective.

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