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I decided awhile back I should do a newsletter, but I didn’t have anything specific in mind because I am TOTAL SHIT at marketing, and I didn’t realize I was supposed to have special stuff waiting for my subscribers the minute they got on board. I really did just think people would sign up whenever, and eventually I’d send them something, and we’d all be okay with that. Which is in fact how it’s going down, but I just want you to know that I realize now that my methods are artless and utterly without added value.

However, since it’s almost Xmas, I’m thinking I’ll send newsletter people a present: a preliminary version of the Charles/Simon story I’ve mentioned in the past. This story will eventually go into a book I’ll be asking people to pay for, possibly in altered form, but I’m pretty happy with it as it is, so I doubt it will change terribly much. It’s about 12K words and depicts an auction day completely different than Henry and Martin’s.

So this is me giving you advance warning that a thing you might want could be yours if you add yourself to my mailing list in the next few days. Since I have had a theoretical newsletter for months now without sending out a single missive, rest assured I won’t be spamming you with DG news.

The newsletter sign-up is over in the right-hand column if you’re on a computer, down below the blog posts if you’re on mobile.

5 thoughts on “newsletter GQ bonus story”

  1. Hi Darrah, I am very excited, thank you so much. Since I receive emails already, I am assuming I am on your mailing list, yay!
    I just wanted to clarify that your methods are neither artless nor utterly without added value, I find them charming and full of interesting things to think about, so thank you most sincerely.
    Quite often I don’t bother to read newsletters that come into my mailbox, but I always find time for yours and have not once been disappointed.

    1. Actually, I don’t think you are a subscriber to the newsletter mailing list, but the fact that you’re getting anything at all from me made me realize that when people follow the blog, they are emailed when I update. I didn’t know this before! I am definitely not using WordPress to its full potential! I will get the story to you, though, and if you want the newsletter (in addition to the mailings that apparently happen when I make a post), you can still sign up.

      And I am glad you find my thoughts worth reading <3

  2. Oh, hell, I missed it.

    Any ETA on the book it will eventually go into? I eagerly await it :D

  3. Nevermind, just realized I still get a link when signing up for the newsletter! Bless you. (Still eager to know when that book will eventually be happening, given I will happily gobble up any and everything you put out for this universe.)

    1. Yay, I’m glad you got the story!

      The next book coming out (I’m currently writing it) will actually be stories about Jesse Wilton, including Martin’s birthday present, the voyeur game with Jesse, his Russ, Henry and Martin. It’ll be fun to write about Henry and Martin from someone else’s point of view. The book with some version of the Charles/Simon story in it will possibly follow the Jesse book. I have everyone’s lives planned out far into the future, and there are certain things I want to tell from Henry’s point of view, or Tom’s, or whichever boy’s, and I’m still working on the storytelling order, what to include in which book, etc.

      I am THRILLED that you’re eager for more stories!

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