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A Master’s Fidelity (GQ Book 2.5) released!

Here’s another Martin point-of-view story: A Master’s Fidelity (Ganymede Quartet Book 2.5) – FREE

AMF 500

Can a master belong to a slave?

It’s a season for celebration, and Martin is falling in love. Henry has always been adamant he won’t share Martin with any other master, but when Henry accepts an invitation to a friend’s New Year’s Eve party, Martin wonders if Henry has changed his mind. Certain that this will turn out to be one of the masters’ notorious swapping parties, Martin resolves to do whatever Henry asks of him, with whoever Henry chooses, without question. But faced with the idea of Henry being intimate with any other slave, Martin despairs, wanting Henry all to himself. A good slave would never ask for a master’s fidelity, but that’s just what Martin wants to do. 

This story is told from Martin’s point of view and runs parallel to events that take place in the final scenes of A Proper Lover, the second book in the Ganymede Quartet.

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AMF can also be read for FREE online at AO3

A Proper Lover (GQ Book 2) released!

Henry and Martin are back in A Proper Lover (Ganymede Quartet Book 2):


What does it mean to belong to someone?

Henry Blackwell is the happiest he’s ever been, and it’s all because of his companion slave Martin. Every experience, whether it be mundane or spectacular, is improved by having Martin at his side. The better Henry gets to know his slave, the deeper his feelings grow. Though the physical attraction between them is undeniable, Henry’s sure there’s more to their relationship than just sex. He can’t be certain, as it’s never happened before, but he believes he might be falling in love.

Henry’s friends are ready and willing to put their own slaves aside in favor of female companionship, and they’re beginning to wonder why Henry isn’t interested in girls. Henry only wants to be with Martin and doesn’t know how much longer he can use “late bloomer” as an excuse. The holiday season approaches, along with the promise of parties with friends and family. Henry doesn’t want to share Martin with his friends, but he doesn’t like being left out. Will he stand up for himself—and Martin—when it counts?

This is the second of four installments in the Ganymede Quartet, continuing Henry & Martin’s story from A Most Personal Property (Ganymede Quartet Book 1).


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holiday stories & upcoming releases

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They’re not a holiday books, per se, but the second Ganymede Quartet book, A Proper Lover (GQ Book 2), and the accompanying Martin POV short story, A Master’s Fidelity (GQ Book 2.5), do cover the fall and winter holidays quite thoroughly.

A Proper Lover begins just before a Halloween party at Henry’s friend Louis Briggs’ house. Following that, Henry and Martin share a special Thanksgiving, and then there’s a Wilton family Christmas that introduces two of my favorite side characters. This second installment in Henry and Martin’s story closes on New Year’s Eve. The accompanying short story, A Master’s Fidelity, also takes place on New Year’s Eve and runs parallel to the events of APL. For that reason, it’s recommended that you read APL first, though of course you can do whatever you want :P

I still don’t have firm release dates for either book. However, when they do go on sale, A Proper Lover will list for $4.99 and A Master’s Fidelity will be be FREE at all the retailers who allow it and $0.99 elsewhere. As before, I’m going to be asking for help reporting lower competitor’s prices in order to get Amazon to offer AMF for free.

I’ll be posting covers and blurbs shortly :)


my writing year

worst thing best thing
A little over a year ago, I asked my best friend which of my long-dormant ideas I should work on. I wanted her input because at that point in time it seemed quite likely that she’d be the only person who’d ever read whatever I wrote, so it had to be something she was interested in. I had been seemingly incapable of writing more than a few lines at a time for a very long eight years or so, but for some reason I felt hopeful I might be able to accomplish something if I would only try again.

For all these ideas, I had at least a few notes, some lines of dialogue, truncated character descriptions. For some very old ideas, I also had notebooks full of handwritten scenes, but even these were nowhere near complete stories. For reasons that escape me now, neither of us were in favor of my working on the most likely candidate, a contemporary romance for which I had written about 30K already. I don’t actually think I even offered her my paranormal idea simply because the scope is so big and it seemed especially daunting at the time. We both liked the cross-dressing “princess” story, which had been at various times medieval, then futuristic, and finally set in an alternate 1930s, and that one will definitely be written one day, but the one she asked for was the bossy slave/shy master. I had about 15 pages of notes and scraps, but nothing was set in stone except Henry and Martin’s names.

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AMPP review at The Novel Approach

AMPP 500

Very excited about an enthusiastic review of AMPP at The Novel Approach!

It was easy to get wrapped up in this story. This universe is so incredibly well thought out, and feels so historically correct, it’s easy to forget that there is any fantasy element to it at all.

and this:

A Most Personal Property is a deeply romantic and charming story. The tension between these two boys in the first half of the book was nearly unbearable. But, when they start to figure things out, they reeeeaaaaally start to figure things out, if you know what I mean, *wink wink*.

and, lastly, this:

It is now a bit more than 24 hours since I finished the book and began the review, and I can’t stop thinking about these characters…Good book, you guys. Really good book.

Read the whole thing here :)

beyond Ganymede Quartet

As a reader of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, I am well aware of how frustrating it can be when an author begins a series but then shows little sign of finishing it. If you enjoyed A Most Personal Property, you may be happy to learn that the remaining three books of the Ganymede Quartet are written and essentially complete but for final editing.

The Ganymede Quartet proper is made up of the four main books, which cover just 10 months of Henry and Martin’s story, and there’s currently the first side story, A Superior Slave, which is about Martin and the slaves he grew up with at Ganymede, but there are a ridiculous number of additional side stories planned in this universe, as well. There are stories outlined and/or partially-to-completely written about the fates of many secondary characters, as well as stories extending the universe out for many years past the end of Book 4.

I started sharing my writing with other people by posting fanfic, so perhaps it isn’t surprising that I’m also 100 pages into my own modern AU about Henry and Martin in which no one is a slave. While I will always consider the 1900 version the “real” story, I suspect a contemporary story will appeal to a wider audience and might tempt readers who don’t think they’re interested in historical fantasy to give the “original” versions a try.

As the creator of this universe, of course I find it terribly engaging, but I’m biased. Are readers interested in authors expanding stories in this way? I’m not really  aware of other authors doing it, but I’m sure some are, and I’d appreciate having them pointed out to me.